Discover Copenhagen on your bike (re-post in English)

Despite a lot of international branding, Copenhagen is loosing its breath as a bike city – instead cities such as Amsterdam and London are taking the lead. A reason for this is the lack of focus on Copenhagen and its biking culture. That is why two fellow students and I have decided to give the people of Copenhagen and visitors to the city the possibility to discover the city on bike. We have therefore developed three thematic bike tours of the city: green areas, living areas and industrial areas.

Green areas
This map leads you to 10 different areas – including playgrounds, gardens and parks. The different areas offer an opportunity to enjoy the sun on a summer day or to take a walk on a cold winter day.

Green areas

Living areas
This map guides you to 10 different urban areas. The areas represent different historic periods and include both known and unknown places in the city. Following this map, you get a good idea of just how diverse Copenhagen is.


Industrial areas
This map leads you to 10 historical places that show the industrial development of Copenhagen. A lot of the old industrial buildings are now used for residential or commercial purposes.


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